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#MoreThanAGame: Transforming lives through the power of sport


Transforming lives through the power of sport.

The #MoreThanAGame global digital campaign was strategically developed and launched alongside 2022 FIFA World Cup.  

Rooftop was tasked with creating the campaign as part of UNOCT’s Global Sports Programme and its co-implementing partners, the United Nations Alliance of Civilizations (UNAOC), the United Nations Interregional Crime and Justice Research Institute (UNICRI), and the International Centre for Sport Security (ICSS) in collaboration with Generation Amazing. It was also backed by the Governments of the Republic of Korea and Qatar, along with support from the United Nations Peace and Development Trust Fund.  

#MoreThanAGame sparked a global conversation highlighting the transformative power of sport, and with the support of influential sporting personalities and government stakeholders, it generated over 40M impressions globally.  


Sparking a global conversation during the 2022 FIFA World Cup.

The challenge was to create a global digital campaign that promoted the potential of sport as a force for good by highlighting the stories of professional athletes and inspiring young people from around the globe during the 2022 FIFA World Cup.  

The Rooftop team was incredibly excited to build this campaign as we connected deeply with the message. Combining our passion for telling impactful human stories with our love for sport was not just a project; it was a shared mission that resonated with each member of our team. Being part of a campaign that sought to inspire positive change through the universal language of sport was both a privilege and a source of immense pride for Rooftop. 


Promoting sport as a force for good.

The campaign included several different components that all worked together to deliver a cohesive global message including a campaign video, three supporting videos, various media assets, a round-table discussion, and support from sport- and government-influencers.  

All of these components were framed around the fact that sports aren’t just enjoyable and healthy activities. But with every stride, strike, and stroke, they teach us the values needed to be more resilient, more confident and how to overcome the challenges we face in life.  

The message also highlighted the way that sport can become an important point of connection across borders, across generations, and among diverse communities. By showcasing real-life stories, #MoreThanAGame sought to promote sport as a force for good and a tool for preventing violent extremism. 

The campaign video

The impact brief is an informative document describing the OOI’s purpose, needs and impact. Rooftop used content supplied by the client to create the 10-page digital PDF document featuring easy-to-read text, explanatory infographics, maps, key statistics and visually impactful image treatments.

Due to a relatively short timeline, we developed the impact brief in parallel to the OOI brand, but it helped inform much of the design that would ultimately end up creating the OOI identity.

Supporting videos

Nadia Nadim shares the values of sport.

Masareka, a former refugee and beneficiary from the Integrated Community Development Initiative (ICODI) in Uganda on how sport promotes peace, tolerance and human connection.

Kelsey, an Irish FA Foundation sport programming beneficiary on how sport promotes peace, tolerance and human connection.

The Result

#MoreThanAGame was a movement that harnessed the universal language of sport to instil positive values, foster resilience, and connect diverse communities worldwide. Through compelling narratives and strategic partnerships, the campaign made a meaningful impact on the lives of young individuals, promoting a vision where sport transcended boundaries and became a catalyst for positive social change. 

Global Reach:  

The campaign operated on a global scale, leveraging the influence of major sporting events to inspire and engage young people worldwide. Strategic partnerships with key organizations enhanced the campaign’s outreach and effectiveness. 

  • 40M impressions generated globally (in English, Spanish, French and Arabic), with the US, Qatar, Italy, India, United Kingdom and Spain as the top reached countries.  
  • 82% of positive sentiment towards the campaign content.
  • the campaign engaged 13 influencers who directly reached 1.2M people and generated over 13M impressions (with Instagram, Twitter and Facebook as main channels). 

Global impressions

positive sentiment towards the campaign content

impressions via Instagram, Twitter & Facebook

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