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World Children’s Day 2022: One team for children’s rights 


Calling the world to supportOne team for children’s rights”.

Rooftop partnered with UNICEF HQ to create a captivating hero video celebrating World Children’s Day. The aim was to release the video in conjunction with the 2022 Soccer World Cup, with a key emphasis on the importance of teamwork and coming together for children’s rights. To underscore this theme, soccer played a significant role throughout the video.


Combining footage from around the world to create one powerful video.

The challenge for this UNICEF HQ project was to create a signature video that showcased a wide range of perspectives from different people in different situations around the world. The video needed to incorporate footage of children from different corners of the globe, as well as prominent UNICEF Goodwill Ambassadors who are actively engaged in football.  

One of the main challenges was ensuring the video was completed within just three weeks, and translated into all of the UNICEF languages. All of the graphics and animations also needed to be translated.


Footballers and children “come together for every child”.

The idea behind the video was to instil the idea that there is one global team, fighting for children’s rights. David Beckham, Sergio Ramos and Robert Lewandowski were the three prominent UNICEF sports ambassadors featured in the video. They are seen talking to camera, encouraging unity, while shots of children from around are cleverly cut to create the impression that they are all playing together on the same field.  

The final passionate call to action invites viewers to join the team fighting for children’s rights, “let’s come together for every child”.  

Rooftop worked very closely with UNICEF client to ensure all the children were represented in a compelling but upbeat way, focusing on the key element of teamwork. UNICEF HQ had already developed the concept, so Rooftop assumed responsibility for all aspects of post-production.  

This included creating an original music score, as well as managing the editing and colour grading process. 

We also included graphic elements for dynamism and to appeal to our target market. 

On social media and web, aside from the hero video, Rooftop also implemented a TikTok challenge, published the U-Report youth poll results together with quotes from young people and several web pieces.

The Result

The English hero video is one of Rooftop’s top 10 most-viewed YouTube videos of all time. 

The video campaign was immensely successful, garnering 151 million views worldwide (123 million from global channels – a 988% growth from our 2021 equivalent video – and the remainder from over 100 UNICEF Country Offices and National Committees which shared the video).  

The TikTok challenge and social media posts generated 5.3M total engagements and 8.8K total mentions excluding retweets.  

There were 411K unique page views on the World Children’s Day campaign site on, available in Arabic, Chinese, English, French and Spanish, with visitors spending more than 5 minutes on average spent on the English page.  

The video was played on the main sports media outlets in Spain, including on AS, Marca, and the sports program of the national TV channel, and posted on the social media channels of David Beckham, Sergio Ramos and Robert Lewandowski.

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