#OnMyMind: Empowering youth to seek support for mental health and well-being


Making mental health a topic we can ALL talk about.

To mark Mental Health Month in October 2021 and 2022, Rooftop worked with UNICEF HQ to help address stigmas, and acknowledge the importance of mental health and wellbeing in our everyday lives.  

The main focus of the two campaigns was to encourage individuals, especially young people, to reach out for support when dealing with challenges, and to seek help when their mental health begins to impact their overall wellbeing.


Addressing a sensitive topic while still creating an impactful product.

Our main challenge was to ensure that we addressed the topic of mental health sensitively and with empathy while also creating a campaign that made a strong impact, decreased stigma, and influenced behaviour change.  

Another challenge was managing the logistics of working with an international film crew, and ensuring the visual style was consistent across all footage.


Employing youth voices to influence youth behaviour.

The campaigns for both 2021 and 2022 were developed around the hashtag #OnMyMind.  

To help ensure both of the videos for each campaign resonated with a younger audience, Rooftop and UNICEF worked with Taz, a spoken word poet and YouTube personality based in London. Her powerful poems about mental health were a perfect match for the campaign, and she generously agreed to have them featured as part of the set of materials developed for Mental Health Month.  

Rooftop worked with a UK film crew to film Taz in London, delivering her poems to camera. Then we developed the narrative for the video around her words. The concept was to use the different thoughts and feelings and challenges mentioned in the poems and match them to a diverse range of characters. This ensured both the videos were relatable to a wide audience.  

We then filmed all of the different characters, working closely with the UK film crew to ensure the visual style was consistent, and we were able to create very polished, cohesive products.  

Both videos end with a call to action, asking the audience to consider reaching out for help when they have something on their mind, or are battling with their mental health.

The Result

The result of the campaigns for UNICEF Mental Health Month were two emotive, relatable videos which made a significant impact.  

The first video, released on YouTube in 2021 has over 11 million views and counting. It also won a bronze award in the 7th annual Shorty Impact Awards 

The second video, released in 2022 has hit 2.2 million views so far. Both videos were also shared across social media platforms where they were well received.

Video 1: One question can change everything.

Video 2: How are you, really?

Views (2021)

Views (2022)

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