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Activating global support to help deliver COVID vaccines


The race to end the pandemic – UNICEF’s ambitious vaccine rollout.

In mid-2021, UNICEF approached Rooftop to create a campaign to support the organisation’s efforts to help deliver COVID-19 vaccines to every community around the world.

In the race to end the pandemic, UNICEF led efforts to deliver vaccines, tests and treatments, and protective equipment to more than 100 countries, on behalf of ACT-A and the COVAX Facility.

This was one of the world’s largest and most successful humanitarian operations to date.


Instilling a sense of urgency and personal responsibility.

UNICEF wanted the campaign to highlight the urgency in getting vaccines to the most vulnerable countries, and encourage donors to contribute to the rollout. They asked Rooftop to build the campaign around a ‘blue racetrack’ design which was specifically developed by UNICEF for the vaccine rollout.

The multi-layered campaign included videos aimed at the public as well as donors, social media posts and GIF banners to be used by TV networks.

The entire campaign was rolled out over six months, but within this timeframe, the Rooftop team dealt with very tight turnaround times for specific deliverables. When TV networks wanted to cover UNICEF’s vaccine rollout, our team was able to modify and resize the GIF banners within hours to suit the needs of each broadcaster.


Make history happen – everywhere.

As part of this campaign, Rooftop delivered ‘Achieve the impossible’ posters for Bloomberg, GIF banners for CNN & Euronews, 10 social media posts in various aspect ratios and supporting Instagram stories.

The social media posts and poster featured emotive imagery paired with simple but powerful messaging. The iconic blue racetrack created by UNICEF was featured on all the assets to help reinforce the public recognition of the ‘race’ campaign.

We also delivered a one-minute signature video and three supporting COVAX campaign videos in various lengths and aspect ratios. Each video had a unique angle, call to action, and tagline. They were made up of powerful footage and photographs provided by UNICEF, and also featured the UNICEF blue racetrack.

One-minute signature video:
Are You Ready? Join the Race to End COVID-19.

While millions were stuck at home, worrying about what the future might hold, this video showcased UNICEF’s efforts to help end the pandemic as soon as possible, and called on viewers to take action and become part of the solution by partnering with UNICEF and donating towards rollout efforts.

This video was upbeat and energetic and made viewers feel more empowered to make a difference during a difficult time.

Supporting video: Make History Happen

This video focussed on the importance of getting vaccines to the most vulnerable countries, with the message “nobody is safe until we are all safe”. It also emphasised UNICEF’s long history, experience and reputation in delivering vaccines to millions of children around the world, every year, making it the most qualified organization to carry out the COVID vaccine distribution. The video called on donors and the public to join the race to end the pandemic, and help ‘make history happen’.

Supporting video: YOU

This video targeted the individual and asked them to become part of something great with the call “We need YOU to make history happen”. The bold video features On Screen Text only, and bold images of UNICEF’s efforts to vaccinate people around the world. It ends with a call to action to partners to help join the race to end COVID-19. This video was broadcast on CNBC.

Supporting video: What Does it Take?

This video highlights UNICEF’s unique expertise and its 75-year history of results in delivering vaccines to some of the hardest to reach places around the world. It calls on donors and the public to trust the organisation, and partner with them to win the race against COVID-19 by delivering vaccines to every corner of the globe. It ends with the call to action: “Together, we can make this happen, together we can make history.”

The client was very happy with the results of this awareness and activation campaign, and all of the assets created by Rooftop.

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