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A heart-warming short film to showcase UNICEF’s Change for Good 30th anniversary


A heart-warming short film to showcase UNICEF’s Change for Good 30th anniversary.

Rooftop was asked to create a heart-warming video to celebrate the 30th anniversary of UNICEF’s Change for Good programme.

Change for Good is a unique partnership between UNICEF and the airline industry which was first initiated in 1991. Airlines collect unused currency from passengers returning from vacations or business trips. These funds are donated to UNICEF to help support life-saving projects for children in over 190 countries around the world.

In 2021, easyJet even used its Change for Good programme to support the delivery of 2 billion COVID-19 vaccines, tests and treatments for health workers.

Since its launch, the Change for Good programme has generated over US$185 million.


Turning a decommissioned airplane into a film set.

UNICEF asked Rooftop to create a video that showcased all of the role-players, donors and airlines who have supported the Change for Good programme over the past 30 years. The client wanted to capture the heart of the initiative as well as thanked all donors for their generosity over the years.

One of the challenges for this project was to find a commercial airplane to shoot on. But Rooftop’s innovative support team managed to secure a decommissioned airplane which is usually used to train flight personnel.


Interweaving a young girl’s life story together with Change for Good initiative.

Rooftop created a short video which followed the life story of a young girl over the course of 30 years. The viewer is introduced to her as she boards her flight as a young woman. We see her again a few years later where she meets the love of her life on the airplane while donating to the Change for Good programme. At the end of the short film, we see the young family take a flight together.

The client loved the nostalgia of the concept as well as highlighting the personal milestones while showcasing the positive influence of the Change for Good programme.

The video was shared on social media channels, and was well received by UNICEF and all of its Change for Good partners.

Stills from the short film

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