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Transforming ozone education: Meet Apollo, a metaverse vlogger & play her Impact Simulator game

Watch the case study video above to learn more about the Rooftop team behind the project, and how they used motion-capture technology to animate two new characters, Apollo and Remi.


Using gamification to teach Gen Z about unprecedented global efforts to save the Ozone layer.

For the past two years, Rooftop has worked with the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) Ozone Secretariat to develop innovative, cutting-edge digital educational materials to teach children and teens about how governments, scientists, policymakers and the public came together – for the first time in history – to help save the ozone layer.

Educating primary school children
In 2021, we launched an animated mini-series which follows the journey of three young characters who travel back in time to put the Montreal Protocols in place. The series was targeted towards children between the ages of seven and twelve.

Rooftop also worked with the Ozone Secretariat to turn the animated series into an award-winning mobile game for the same age group. The app features a parallel storyline, where the same characters work together to reverse the destruction of the ozone layer.

Educating middle-high schoolers
In 2022, Rooftop used cutting-edge technology to create two new brand new 3D animated characters. Apollo – the UNEP’s education ambassador, and her robot sidekick, Remi live in the metaverse and are on a mission to teach the world about how we came together to save the ozone layer.

To support Apollo’s mission, Rooftop also developed a new online game which encourages the teens to learn about the creation of the Montreal Protocol through an interactive Impact Simulator.


Using cutting-edge tech to create an educational package that appeals to Gen Z.

Following the success of the Reset Earth project in 2021, the Ozone Secretariat asked Rooftop to develop a second comprehensive educational package to appeal to middle-high schoolers between the ages of 13 and 18.

The online game, videos and supporting educational packs all needed to have a cohesive voice and tone, centred around the character of Apollo and her sidekick, Remi. They also needed to have a connection to the characters in the first animated series.


Education and technology collide to create UNEP’s new teen vlogger & online game.

Using motion-capture technology to animate Apollo
The purpose of Apollo was to break through the fourth wall and to get learners to feel like she is really talking to them from the metaverse.

Rooftop used cutting-edge motion capture technology to record the real-time movements of a human actor so that we could bring Apollo to life. We also created an entire environment for her to ‘live’ in.

In her vlogs, Apollo talks about the mission to save the ozone layer, and directs her followers to the educational content available on UNEP’s education portal.

Gamification of learning materials.

To encourage teens to learn about the history of the ozone layer and engage with the learning materials in a fun and interactive way, Rooftop transformed the content into an online Impact Simulator game.

The game was built using UNITY, a popular game development engine, and is accessible through the browsers a variety of platforms including iOS, desktop, and Android devices.

It features a simplified, interactive simulation that plots the history of ozone health. Players are given the option to make decisions at strategic milestones. Their choices have a real-time impact on a simulated globe in the centre of the screen. The Impact Simulator encourages players to think critically about the choices they make and the impact they have on the world around them.

Supportive learning materials for teachers and learners.

Rooftop also worked with the UNEP and Ozone Secretariat to create comprehensive package of lesson plans for teachers, and learning materials for the target audience.

The Result

The Reset Earth mobile app was featured by the Apple store for the “Heroes that represent you” campaign.

It was also highlighted by Apple as Game of the day in early 2021.

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