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Building excitement and global awareness ahead of GSMA’s SOTIR launch


Building excitement and global awareness ahead of GSMA’s SOTIR launch.

Every year, the Global System for Mobile Communications Association (GSMA) releases its State of the Industry Report on Mobile Money.

In 2023, GSMA approached Rooftop to help create an awareness campaign that would build excitement around the release of the report, and help it to reach as many industry role players and stakeholders as possible.

As the only one of its kind, the SOTIR provides mobile operators with key insights which can be used to inform their products and services, and help grow the mobile money market globally.

The successful launch took place on 18 April 2023, and was a hybrid event for both in-person and online streaming audiences.


Creating a consistent brand-within-a-brand across a range of diverse assets.

Rooftop was tasked with creating an extensive range of branded products for the campaign including the design, layout, and translation of the digital and printed reports, two promotional animation videos, a dedicated web portal within the existing GSMA website, social media assets, email signature banners, newsletter headers, graphics for videos, and a PowerPoint presentation deck for the launch.

We knew that it was critical to establish unique but consistent look and feel across all assets, to help reinforce the branding and public recognition of the Report, while still reflecting GSMA’s strict brand identity. We also had to take into account the fact that some of the data was being compiled and delivered by another department in GSMA.

All of these assets also needed to be designed, translated, approved and delivered by the fixed launch date set for the report. Careful planning was needed to ensure all the timelines were adhered to.


Coordinating and delivering all assets on time including animations and a dedicated web page.

Several creative teams within Rooftop collaborated to deliver a complex range of assets within the timeframe. Below is a brief summary of each asset delivered:


The Rooftop team designed a digital version of the 84-page full report plus the 12-page executive summary. A print version of the full report was also created so that hard copies could be given to industry role players attending the launch event.

While the design clearly reflected the client’s corporate identity and colour palette, we ensured that elements like black and white photography gave it a unique character that was distinct from other products and reports within the GSMA database.

GSMA SOTIR 2023 full report


Rooftop delivered two animation videos including a one-minute teaser and a more detailed two-minute animated video.

The teaser was released at the Mobile World Congress (MWC) in Barcelona to ensure maximum impact in the lead up to the Report’s launch. It helped create excitement and build awareness about the launch. The teaser also included a call to action for interested parties to sign up to a waiting list so that they could be the first to download the SOTIR Mobile Money Report for 2023.

Reflecting the look and feel set out in the design phase, the animation used upbeat music and sound design, dynamic transitions and energetic kinetic typography to add the element of excitement. The script teased audiences with snippets of exciting information from the report to boost interest.

The longer animation, released after the launch of the Report, featured more key insights and a direct download link for the SOTIR.

Teaser video

Industry Report video

Social media

Rooftop created a mix of static and animated social media assets for GSMA’s preferred social media channels, LinkedIn and Instagram. GSMA posted them in the lead up to the launch, on the launch day, and post-launch. The assets featured a range of key messages, data extracts and report highlights.

Static posts

Animated posts

Email signature & newsletter banners

Our design team created email signature banners, plus a graphic header for the GSMA newsletter to promote the launch of the SOTIR report.

Newsletter banner

Email signature

Lower thirds for client-side video content

GSMA also asked Rooftop to design some lower-thirds graphics which were used in video recordings of interviews with industry leaders in the lead up to the launch and beyond. This helped ensure a consistent look and feel in all media assets throughout the campaign.

Launch presentation deck

For the launch event, Rooftop developed a SOTIR-branded PowerPoint deck including several slide templates for the client to use in their presentation. We also helped ensure the presentation included key graphic elements, icons and visuals that reflected the report.


According to GSMA’s stats, the number of report downloads exceed previous year’s numbers as well as their expectations.

  • In 2022, they achieved approximately 750 downloads from 1500 page views.
  • In 2023, they tracked a combined total of 2500 downloads from 1900 page views. This included downloads of the full report and the executive summary.

GSMA also mentioned that colleagues and industry role players were impressed with the assets and how the GSMA corporate identity was handled. They saw their brand in a new and exciting light.

Downloads (2022)

page views (2022)

Downloads (2023)

Page views (2023)

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