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Zero Hunger as a way of life


In the build-up to the World Food Day, FAO launched a multilingual digital campaign with the famous French actor and activist Lambert Wilson. This #ZeroHunger video campaign is at the core of FAO’s digital efforts to portray #ZeroHunger as a mind-set, a way of life that people should adopt for a better world. It represents a way forward: a call for everyone to work together and play an active part in doing what’s needed to achieve a #ZeroHunger world.


Rooftop and UNESCO worked together to launch an ambitious campaign to Keep Girls in the Picture, promoting girls’ continued learning during school closures and their return to the classroom when schools reopen. This multifaceted campaign was linked to UNESCO’s Global Education Coalition, and made use of a wide range of media and a highly targeted marketing approach to reach key online and offline audiences.

The theme explored the contrast between what might happen girls, their families and their communities if girls do not return to school, and what might happen if they do. If girls do not return to school, they lose important opportunities to build the knowledge, skills, and social assets to be strong, vibrant members of their societies. If they do return, girls are empowered and so is the entire community. The resulting message is clear: keep girls in the picture so they can reach their full potential and contribute more to our collective future.


The videos were published on the FAO homepage and also embedded in two web stories which were featured on the homepage:

  • Lambert Wilson commits to fighting hunger in the world with FAO
  • My Actions related to World Food Day: Lambert Wilson

The video and the stories promoted on the homepage received so far almost 700 cumulative clicks. The two stories were translated in English, French, Spanish, Arabic, Chinese, Russian and Italian receiving cumulatively over 1.3K views.

It was also embedded in a list of websites: Daily Motion,, Bing News, Actu Orange, Yahoo Actualités, Bourse Direct, Boursorama, Good Planet, Chautard Info Culture Box, 7sur7, L’Internaute, Social Zon, Action Agricole, Alvinet, France.VeoInfo,, Bitin.

On the FAO social media channels:

For the social media campaign, FAO published the English, French, Italian, Spanish (dubbed) and Arabic (dubbed) versions on all the corporate social media channels.

The Result

The #ZeroHunger video was supported and further distributed by an unprecedented number of other organizations, structures and institutions including the social media networks of UNESCO, UN Women, MONUSCO, Stop Wasting Food (Stop Spild Af Mad), Kitchen Connection, the SDG2 Hub, the Institut Français Italia and UK.

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