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We made a promise to fight


The Step Up The Fight campaign required fresh, powerful, personal stories to shine a light on how AIDS, tuberculosis and malaria impact the lives of millions of people around the world and to put the heart into the campaign.


The impact of AIDS, tuberculosis and malaria on individuals and societies can be harrowing. To add authenticity and sincerity to the Step Up The Fight campaign, we wanted to feature people who had personal stories to share. Our casting team had their work cut out in finding and reviewing the faces, stories and voices that could tell the most impactful stories.


The individuals selected to be the ‘faces of the fight’ were carefully chosen based on the power of their personal testimonies and their strength of voice as an advocate.

The “faces” of the campaign were used to lead the public advocacy aspect of the campaign, and as such, their individual stories and profiles were used across a range of campaign communications assets, including still photography, short film, social media content.

The Result

The campaign heroes were profiled at key moments and event milestones and invited to tell their stories speak at the Replenishment Conference in Lyon in October 2019.

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