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Publications and Brochures

World health Organization

Commercial Milk Formula

Rooftop was tasked with creating a visual identity for the CMF reports. The summary report and individual country reports centered around the topic of commercial milk formula and the impact of marketing on decision making by mothers. Through an extensive initial concept phase, the overall visual direction was established for the first summary report, and subsequently rolled out across the various contributing country reports. All of the reports incorporated photographic as well as infographic visuals throughout each document. These needed to be specific to each country report ensuring the country and its population were accurately represented. Reports were also translated into the country’s local language, and provided in digital and print PDF formats.

Synthesis Report – Cover and inside spreads

Morocco report

Mexico Report

South Africa report



Rooftop created a comprehensive campaign around this year’s launch of GSMA’s State of the Industry Report on Mobile Money (SOTIR). The goal of the campaign was to generate excitement and global awareness around the Report’s release while reaching as many industry stakeholders as possible.

Rooftop was responsible for developing a wide range of branded assets, including digital and printed reports in English and in French, promotional animation videos, a dedicated web portal, social media assets, email signature banners, newsletter headers, graphics for videos, and a PowerPoint presentation deck for the launch. The challenge was to maintain a consistent brand identity across these diverse assets while working within GSMA’s strict branding guidelines, ensuring they reflected GSMA’s corporate identity while incorporating unique elements to distinguish them from other products within GSMA’s database.

The campaign’s success was evident in the significant increase in report downloads compared to the previous year, exceeding GSMA’s expectations.

Inside spreads

French GSMA SOTIR Report spreads

World Health Organization

Hearing Manuals

Along with the visual identity design for World Hearing Day 2023, Rooftop worked with the same WHO team to update their Primary Ear and Hearing Care Manual. The manual had been a very successful tool for the past several years – used by health care workers across the globe for assessing and referring those with hearing and ear care challenges. The manual is a technical 147-page document with practical, easy to follow guidelines and instructions to readers. It also included several technical drawings and illustrations as visual aids accompanying the text. To complement this manual, Rooftop was also tasked to design the Trainer’s Handbook. This, along with the manual, provides a comprehensive tool for the instruction of trainees in primary ear and hearing care. Accessibility requirements also needed to be considered for publishing. The result was a complete set of training documents which the client was extremely happy with, and hopes to use for several years to come.

Training manual inside spreads

Trainers handbook inside spreads

University of Basel

Kazikidz Pre-Primary Teaching Material for School children

The University of Basel commissioned Rooftop to produce a complete training manual for their Kazikidz physical education programme – which aims to equip pre-primary teachers with a comprehensive set of physical education resources. The 163-page document covered three areas, namely physical education, moving to music and nutrition. The overall design was based on the three Kazikidz characters, and used these characters throughout the document and accompanying annexes as illustrative elements. This helped in achieving a visually appealing, colourful result which the client was extremely proud of, as the fulfillment of a broad and extensive collaborative project between academic and education experts.

Training manual inside spreads


Nutrition Now Report

Post the COVID 19 pandemic, the SAHEL region of Africa was faced with a nutritional crisis. Global funding, normally reserved for nutrition based initiatives in the area, was channeled into fighting the virus, resulting in a life or death situation for many in the area linked to starvation. This situation had the potential to undo many years of hard work in the area. 

Rooftop aimed to drive awareness of the situation in the SAHEL region through a multi-pronged information driven campaign and report relating to the nutrition crisis in the area and its impact on children, with a direct call to action and link to the campaign website where potential donors could partner and fund the nutrition focussed programmes of UNICEF in the region.

Report inside spreads


World No Tobacco Day 2023 Brochures

WHO once again approached Rooftop for the annual World No Tobacco Day. The theme for 2023 was ‘grow food, not tobacco’ and focussed on the use of arable land for tobacco rather than food. Through striking visuals and a bold, impactful design approach, the design of each 36-page publication aligned to the public-facing campaign assets. The brochure was produced in seven different languages, including the six official UN languages. Both digital and print version of all the publications were delivered.

Report inside spreads

Brand Name
Brand Name
Brand Name
Brand Name
Brand Name

Brochures in various languages



Gender and crisis

World Meteorological Organization

The Integrated Global Greenhouse Gas Information System

World Meteorological Organization

Urban Heat Island

World Health Organization

Facts About Tobacco

The Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO)

Ethics poster

Visual Identity

United Nations OCHA

The Human Race

#TheHumanRace campaign for World Humanitarian Day 2021 was conceived on the back of United Nations Secretary – General, António Guterres’ inspired statement, “The climate emergency is a race we are losing, but it is a race that we can win.” The intersection of sport or individual activity, and humanitarian action, presented a unique concept to inspire people around the world to join #TheHumanRace challenge, which asked them to give 100 minutes of an activity of their choice, as a show of solidarity to hold leaders to their $100 billion annual pledge. The challenge was hosted on STRAVA, the world’s leading exercise platform, allowing anyone with a fitness device or smartphone to participate and log their minutes during the last two weeks of August 2021. For those who didn’t wish to or could not participate physically, an online petition on the campaign microsite provided a simple alternative to add their voice and help spread the word via social media.

The human race logo

Social Media stickers

Manifesto video

Strava challenge

Website and Social Media

Global interaction with campaign

Campaign results


Office of Innovation

Rooftop was tasked with building a new brand identity for UNICEF’s Office of Innovation (OOI). The challenge was to create a recognisable sub-brand while maintaining the essence of the principal UNICEF brand, striking a balance between uniqueness and familiarity. The resulting brand identity included several key deliverables including a logo for the OOI, combining the “Office of Innovation” wording with the UNICEF logo. Adhering to strict usage policies, the creative team ensured the logo complemented the UNICEF identity without infringing upon it. We also developed a comprehensive 25-page brand book, a short logo animation for future video requirements, a 10-page report, branded stationery and presentation templates and a social media pack.

Unicef Office of Innovation logo

Unicef Office of Innovation animated logo

Brand book

Branding application

Stationery: Letterhead/Business Card/E-mail Signature

Social Media: Static posts

Social Media: Animated posts


World Mental Health

The campaign, titled #DoYourShare, focused on the value of creating an inclusive and supportive environment as it encouraged everyone, regardless of their mental health, to play their part. To spread the message, we created a suite of assets that could be rolled out across social media (organic, paid and via influencers), OOH, newspaper and radio, and in schools, hospitals and targeted locations. Assets included video, visuals, animations, a Facebook frame and Instagram sticker, print and tactical installation components, all produced in the 3 languages relevant to the campaign (English, Spanish, and Portuguese).

PAHO World Mental Health campaign logo

Campaign key visual

Social Media: Campaign teaser posts

Social Media: Carousel

Social Media: Static posts

Social Media: Animated posts

Social Media: Instagram Influencer story

PAHO Mental health-SM cards-4.20-ENG

Instagram story

PAHO Mental health-SM cards-4.20-ENG

Instagram story


Social Media: Activation post

Conversation cards

Infographic brochure

We Transfer wallpaper

World Health Organization

75th Health for All

On 7 April 2023, the World Health Organization celebrated its 75th anniversary. This was a significant milestone which the Organization wanted to use to highlight its incredible achievements over the past 75 years. Rooftop was approached to help develop an international anniversary campaign which would be rolled out over the period of a year across all of WHO’s channels and media platforms. The campaign would run from 7 April 2023 (World Health Day) until 7 April 2024. 

Our teams developed a flagship campaign video highlighting WHO’s work over the last 75 years, Corporate Identity guidelines to inform the brand’s visual language for the duration of the 75th anniversary celebrations, an icon animation, and reimagining ‘Lady Health’ for the 2023 launch of World Health Day. These assets would then be used throughout the WHO on all of its materials including social media.

World Health Organization 75th Anniversary logo

75th Anniversary Key visual

WHO 75th logo animation

Internal Corporate Identity style guide


Social Media: Generic posts

Social Media carousel

Social Media: Generic fact posts

World Health Organization

World Hearing Day

Rooftop was approached by WHO to create a visual identity and campaign for World Hearing Day 2023. The range of materials produced included the design of various promotional items, announcement banners, social media and assets for dissemination on the day, along with supporting ear care posters and social media assets – with the aim of highlighting the importance of ear and hearing care for all! All assets were translated into the six official UN languages.

World Hearing Day campaign logo

Generic campaign poster and Educational pster

Pposters: Tips for healthy ears in English/French/Portuguese

Collateral branding

Apparel: T-Shirts

Branding: Carry bags

Social Media: Generic campaign post (French)

Social Media: Carousel