Conceptual Graphic Designer

If you’re a skilled graphic designer with a mind for conceptual thinking and experience in marketing campaigns, then this one’s for you.

Job type: Permanent

Location: Cape Town or Gqeberha

Closing date for applications Friday 24 November 2023.

Rooftop is hiring a Conceptual Graphic Designer to join the team and deliver work with purpose.


The Conceptual Graphic Designer is responsible for developing concepts and high level graphic design applications across diverse projects and campaigns with the aim of delivering “beyond expectations” for the Rooftop clients. He/she will work closely with the Design Director to apply design and concept to projects for web, social media, moving graphics, proposals, presentations, publications, reports, visual identity and logo development, ‘big idea’ conceptualization and various other designed media.

The Conceptual Graphic Designer will also be responsible for managing their time, being able to multitask and work well under pressure, all while upholding the values of Rooftop and being an ambassador for the company.


  • To develop, inspire and set the standard for concept and design at Rooftop.
  • To conceptualise (Big Idea) and set a design and creative vision for key assets for campaigns and across a range of designed media.
  • Collaborate across the Rooftop team.
  • Client engagement as required.
  • To work with the Design Director to achieve the desired objectives for the clients and for Rooftop.

Formal Qualifications
Formal qualification or education involves the acquisition of knowledge and skills through learning where subject matter is imparted systematically. Formal qualifications are obtained by studying at official institutions e.g. universities, technikons, colleges, etc.

Qualifications required Essential
Grade 12/Matric X
Tertiary Education X

Work Experience
Experience is obtained through opportunities for exposure and practice at work. It includes all working experience that has some bearing on the job and is not restricted to the current organisation. Supervised on-the-job training, internships and learnerships are incorporated within this category.

Work experience required Time span Essential Desirable
Experience in Graphic Design 5-7 Years X
Experience in Digital/Web 5-7 Years X
Experience in Concept/Idea generation 5-7 Years X
Experience in Campaign development 5-7 Years X
Experience in design for Social Media 5-7 Years X
Experience in Client Management 5-7 Years X
Experience in Project Management 1-2 Years X
Experience in Team Leadership 3-5 Years X


Job-related knowledge is typically gained through formal or informal training programs (these exclude programs through which Formal Qualifications are attained). It includes knowledge of facts, data and information and understanding the rationale behind models, theories and principles.

Job Related Knowledge Proficiency Essential Desirable
Design and advertising trends  Advanced X
integrated Campaign Development Advanced X
Social Media and Digital trends Advanced X
Relevant programs Intermediate X
Video production process Intermediate X
Animated graphics Intermediate X


Job-related skills are typically gained through formal or informal training programs (these exclude programs through which Formal Qualifications are attained). Skills refer to how to do things. They are demonstrated in the application of techniques and procedures.

Job Related Skills Proficiency Essential Desirable
Communication Advanced X
Project management Intermediate X
Team Management/People Intermediate X
Interpersonal Advanced X
Multi-tasking  Advanced X
Ability to influence people Advanced X
Critical Thinking Advanced X
Able to deal with Stress Advanced X
Decision making Advanced X
Leadership Intermediate X
Ability to self-correct Advanced X
Creative thinking Advanced X
Problem Solving Advanced X


If you don’t hear from us within two weeks after the closing date, you can consider your application as unsuccessful.